Introducing G{Code}’s Changemakers: Jasmine Bien-Aime

2 min readAug 2, 2021


In June 2021, the G{Code} team launched the third cohort of Intro to G{Code}, a 10-week program designed for young female and non binary folks of color to uncover interest and aptitude in tech within a supportive, inclusive, and safe environment. The Intro to G{Code} Change Makers have shown us their drive, adaptability, and innovativeness as well as their commitment to community and personal growth. We are beyond proud of our Change Makers who have just graduated from the program, and are thrilled to celebrate their achievements and share some of their stories.

Today, we celebrate Jasmine Bien-Aime! Jasmine lives in Massachusetts, and we have loved watching her grow more confident in her tech abilities! Read more about her journey below.

Why did you join G{Code}?

I joined G{Code} to gain a learning space and community, as well as to learn more about coding and tech.

What is a favorite moment or memory from G{Code}?

I enjoyed the games played, time spent working together in breakout room, as well as conversation amongst my cohort members. I also liked the guest speakers and I enjoyed learning Javascript.

What have you learned about yourself or about coding? How has participating in G{Code} impacted how you see yourself and/or your future?

I’ve learned that it is okay to say what I’m thinking, and I’ve learned that it’s ok if I’m not right all the time because I now know how to go about my thought process when coding

G{Code} is a visionary non-profit striving to empower Boston’s young women of color by providing them with housing, technical training, leadership development, internship placements, and a resilient and compassionate community to learn from and grow alongside. Many thanks to Bridgette Wallace, Rizel Bobb-Semple, Bailey Siber, and the rest of the G{Code} team and volunteers for making the Intro to G{Code} program a success!




Empowering Boston’s young women and non binary people of color via technical training, intentional community, and stable housing.