Introducing G{Code}’s Changemakers: Jessica Peters

I joined G{Code} because I want to start a career in software engineering.

On my first or second day, we were coding during class, and I had a question. Rizel sent me to a breakout room with a mentor, and he clarified my question in two seconds. Two seconds! It was amazing to have someone there to answer our questions right away. I tried to self-teach how to code before G{Code}, and I’d spent hours googling my questions. It was such a relief to have someone right away to help me. I’ll miss this for sure.

I learned that coding is hard, but it can also be fun. Code is for everyone! You need to start and don’t give up. People in G|Code are so inspiring and incredible. Starting with Rizel, who is the Director of Curriculum, and who is such a nice person and open to everything. All the mentors were so helpful. I’m afraid I got too spoiled in this program, and now my expectations for other programs are set too high. Participating in this program has opened my eyes to so many unique opportunities. I started to look beyond the stereotypes around software engineering and, especially, enjoyed coding even more. I am still in a very beginning state, but I can tell that I like this, and I want to work with code.



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